Endur ID was founded in 2003. We entered into the Patient Identification Market with the goal to manufacture and distribute the finest and most innovative hospital wristband media available. In 2012 we introduced products well suited to the Corrections Market and then in 2013 we introduced products for the Behavioural Health market.

Endur ID offers Wristbands that are durable, easy to use and easy to wear and are produced using standard Laser Printers. Endur ID Pioneered such features as colour coding, photos, and very crisp laser printable barcodes, all in a durable and easy to use product.

In 2014 it was decided the time was right to introduce our products in Europe.

Endur ID has developed an entire line of wristband media, based on the specific requirements of the UK and European Market and in formats that will work well with existing demands. These developments were made with future requirements in mind. So whether your facility wants to replace what you are using or try something entirely new, Endur ID will meet those demands.

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